Some of the best and most inexpensive beauty tips are all-natural. That’s right. No expensive lotions, creams or serums. You might not think that this is realistic, but that could be down to the powerful (and successful) advertising techniques of the multi-billion-dollar beauty business, which has an obvious interest in having people buy expensive products.

But beauty doesn’t require money. Take sleep, for example. Simply getting a good night’s sleep can be a remarkably effective way of improving the health of your skin and nails, reducing wrinkles and helping your body to repair and heal itself. That’s why some people think a new Molecule mattress is a better beauty investment than the latest expensive body cream, since a Molecule mattress has a reputation for promoting health-giving sleep.

Besides getting a good night’s sleep, there are many natural health and beauty options that can be just as effective as expensive commercial products. Here are four of the best.

 Banana and egg hair solution

If you want to boost the shine of your hair, all you need to do is mix a mashed-up banana with one egg and apply the resulting paste to your hair. Leave it on your scalp for up to half an hour and then wash it out as part of your normal hair washing routine. The results should be extra-shiny hair, and you will find you need to use less conditioner.

Cleanse your skin with a honey face mask

One of the advantages of raw honey is that it provides a natural anti-bacterial effect and can help to give you soft and naturally radiant skin. To get the benefits of the raw honey skin treatment, simply take a tablespoon of the sweet stuff and apply it to your face, leaving it on for up to ten minutes before removing it gently with warm water. Use this honey face mask routine once a week and you will soon see results.

Coconut oil conditioner

To increase the softness and hydration of your hair, coconut oil provides a great alternative to store-bought conditioners. Massage the oil onto your scalp before gently working it through your hair and leave it on for two hours before you wash it off. The result will be soft, luxuriant, healthy looking hair.

Elbow, knee and heel exfoliation

You probably don’t consider the humble orange to be an important part of a beauty regime, but this is one fruit that can give you a real lift. Cut an orange into two and rub half on areas of rough or hardened skin. Not only does the orange help to soften your skin, it also works as a skin brightener and it smells great as well!


The constant search for the ideal beauty regime can lead some of us to spend a fortune on expensive store-bought products that often fail to achieve results. So, the next time you are on the look out for a new beauty treatment, why not consider the natural options outlined above, that can help you look good, save money and protect the environment.