If you are a bike owner and are relocating to another state, then you must be searching for ways to move your motorcycle across the country. For short distance move, then riding your bike to your new home is the ideal choice. However, if you are moving let’s say more than 200 miles away or more, then you would need to find the best motorcycle transport company to help you ship your precious cargo. The best way to ship a motorcycle across the country is by hiring professional and reliable motorcycle transport services, of course.

Choosing a motorcycle shipping company

The only way to guarantee the success of the entire vehicle shipping process is to choose a motorcycle shipping company that specializes in the transportation of motorcycles. That way, the company will have the required experience, insurance and reputation to help you complete the job quickly and safely.

There are many motorcycle shipping services online but searching for them and requesting quotes are very time-consuming.  Don’t worry because Shiply, an online shipping platform, can help to connect you to hundreds of their rated motorcycle shipping companies. All you need to do is fill out a simple form online with the details about your delivery and you will begin receiving customized quotes send to your mailbox.  Shiply makes it easy for you to compare prices and services until you find one that is right for you.  Visit for more information.

There are two options available on how you want your motorcycle shipped and they are:-

Open trailer

This method is where the vehicles are shipped on open-air trailers.  It is a popular method of shipment because it is more cost-efficient.  Open trailers are best suitable for shorter distance haul that can be driven in one day and in one single trip. Your motorcycle will be exposed to elements like wind, dust, rain or snow.

Enclosed trailer

Enclosed trailers shipping is where the motorcycles are transported inside specialized enclosed trailers.  This option offers maximum protection.  Your bike will share the space with other motorcycles inside the enclosed trailer.  If you are moving long-distance and crossing several states means that your bike will be on the road for at least several days.  Choosing this method is best to give protection to your bike.

Things To Get Ready Your Bike For Shipping

Schedule the Service

Once you have chosen the shipping company that will be transporting your motorcycle, you would have to schedule your shipping promptly.  It usually takes about five days for cross country shipping.

Check your motorcycle

Do check the condition of your motorcycle before shipping because the shipping carrier may not be responsible for any scratches that occur in their care. A good tip is to take photos of your motorcycle from various angles so that you can make comparisons should anything happened during transit.

If you want your bike to be ready to ride upon arrival, then you do not have to empty the gas tank or disconnect the battery. Make sure your saddlebags are securely closed and do not leave any personal items such as a helmet attached to the motorcycle.