Christmas Party

Christmas is a time of festivities, excitement and of course, parties. Christmas parties are quite common and are held both for family gatherings and for offices and various organizations such as churches.

When planned right, Christmas parties can be the highlight of the season for the attendees. However, planning and executing a Christmas party can be an uphill task if no guidance is given.

Thankfully, with a few steps, it is possible to plan and execute a Christmas party, whether it is for a large office party or a simple gathering of friends and family. Some of the recommended steps are:

1. Invitations

Because the Christmas period is usually packed with activities, particularly in the days leading up to the 25th, it is best to send out your invitations as early as possible so that your intended guests can mark their calendars and avoid clashes with other events.

You can choose to invite people in person or via emails or mailed invites. If you choose to send invitation emails, there are a number of sites that generate e-invites that will be Christmas-themed. The same goes with mail invites as you can use Christmas-themed envelopes and invitation cards to get your point across.

2. Venue

The venue for a party is very important, and Christmas parties are no different. The venue needs to be large enough to accommodate the number of people that will be attending.

It might also need to have certain amenities such as a sound system, lights and in some cases, catering amenities.

When looking for halls for rent in Queens, for example, ask about their seating capacity and the amenities they offer. If you have any special request, let the management of the venue know ahead of time.

3. Decorations

The decorations are perhaps one of the core things that differentiate a Christmas party form a regular party.

When planning your Christmas party, be sure to incorporate Christmas-themed decorations such as lights, baubles and, of course, a Christmas tree.

There are various styles of Christmas decoration, from minimalist ones to the more whimsical. Whichever you decide to make use of, ensure consistency in your use of decorations.

4. Entertainment and Food

Christmas treats are widely varied and can be the literal icing on the cake of Christmas party.

Consider hiring a caterer to create a menu of Christmas-themed food such as pudding and Christmas-themed cookies. A Christmas cake would also be a good idea.

In terms of entertainment, traditional Christmas songs should be on heavy rotation during the party. If it is an office party, consider showing a slideshow of office memories form the last year.

If the party will have young children in attendance, consider hiring a Santa-Claus impersonator to entertain them.


A Christmas party does not need to be a hassle to plan. With the right tools and guidance, you can plan and execute an amazing Christmas party that is sure to thrill your guests. Follow the above steps to make sure your Christmas party is done to perfection.