One of the prerequisites for healthy living is a clean and serene environment. Disease causing germs and carrier pests are mostly found in dirty and untidy environments. A clean home is the first and most important step in ensuring a healthy general body wellbeing.

However, keeping a clean home can be energy consuming depending on the size and type of home. Working home owners usually do not have the time to perform effective daily clean ups and not all of them can afford maids to help in the home keeping.

Nevertheless, there are certain simple steps that can ensure the home is always tidy and clean. These steps are easy, cheap and really quite simple.

Below are six of those steps that can ensure your home stays neat and tidy.


Most times the problem people have with cleaning is that they leave most of the contents of their homes in disarray for a long time. The build-up of scattered belongings makes cleaning up more tedious than it’s supposed to be. But simple acts like making your bed and always carefully placing items in their right position keeps your home neat and well arranged.


It is advisable to frequently do your laundry. Washing dirty clothes in large bulks can be super tidy. Make out time as frequently as possible to get your dirty clothes clean before they accumulate into what would amount to a full day of washing.


Apart from actual dirt, bad smells can be a real problem if they are not effectively dealt with. Getting rid of smells goes well beyond just applying an air freshener. Things like rugs, sofas and cushions can develop smells from being exposed to sweat and other fluids.

Regularly air them or brush lightly with a scented soap and water solution. Stuffing dry tea bags or slices of lemon in smelly shoes also helps to combat foul odors. If you have pets, endeavor to bathe them regularly with the required shampoo and make sure your home is well ventilated to prevent stuffiness.


Spiders and other wall insects can set up homes in corners of your walls and ceiling you leave unattended. Be sure to regularly wipe of cobwebs and dust from walls, table tops etc. Bookshelves and cabinets should also be moved from time to time to enable you get access to those tricky corners.

Also, chairs and tables should be moved regularly so you can get rid of accumulated dust and any other dirt that might have found its way underneath them.


It is advisable to do the dishes after every meal. This makes it easier to clean and prevents flies and cockroaches from evading your kitchen.

Keeping dirty dishes till the next day attracts ants and other rodents which carry diseases and can cause a real nuisance if they get into your home.


Like with every other endeavor, a routine will help you develop consistency. Draw up a chart and decide if you will be cleaning the bathroom twice a week, if you will take out the rugs once a month, etc. A routine will act as a guide and give your whole cleaning process some order.

Finally, keeping a clean home is more about how regularly you tidy places up than the amount of labor committed. Following this steps will ensure you have a clean and serene home and getting your kids and other members of your home involved will only make the process easier.