Meditation is a healthy way of managing stress and optimizing your weight goals. You can enjoy a lot from meditating. For instance, you can reduce the stress levels in your body and anxiety just from a few minutes of a meditating session. More, even the headaches and other physical pains become less of an issue since it also boosts your immunity levels.

Well, you will not always need a professional around to help with your meditation periods. In this technology age, you can start your meditation on your own. This article gives you five of the easiest ways you can do your meditation right.

First, you need to understand that there are two categories of meditation:

1. Concentrative techniques

Mostly require you to focus on a particular object outside yourself being. This may be a sound, candlelight or a mantra.

2. Non-concentrative meditations

This involves a much broader focus since it entails factors available both in your environment and states within your own body (like your breathing).

Here are techniques that will prove invaluable to your meditation journey.

1.    Zen meditation

The Chinese Zen Buddhism is the root of this Japanese sitting meditation. It dates as far back as the 6th century where you start by sitting on the floor with your legs crossed or on a chair. In the past, people did it in the lotus or half-lotus position, but that is unnecessary today. Keep your back utterly straight while your eyes and mouth are closed or lower your head with your gaze fixated on the floor.

You should pay attention to your breathing by counting the number of breaths you take backward starting from 10. You can also sit or shikantaza and concentrate on the present moment and know your surroundings.

2.    Vipassana meditation

This technique involves clear seeing or insight. It requires you to begin your meditation by being mindful of your breathing to stabilize and achieve access concentration. It increases your focus on reflection. Observe each moment individually and do not cling to any. Significantly, focus all your attention on the precise moments and the movements of your breath.  You should be very detailed and note all the subtle changes and emotions.

3.    Loving-kindness meditation

It is also called the Metta meditation technique. It is suitable for improving your empathic ability and how you relate with others. Sit with your eyes closed and start by building empathy for yourself.

4.    Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation requires you to choose a word you will repeat throughout the process. You may pair the reflection with other techniques like breathing. The mantra is softly whispered to aid concentration.

5. Transcendental meditation

Transcendental meditation is tough, and you may have to pay a trained instructor to assist you. Here the mantra is unique and is assigned depending on age and gender. It may not be as deep as other meditation techniques discussed Lawyers Near me, but it is effective.


You need to choose one meditation method that will work best for you. It’s easy to start your meditation today, but you must master all the breathing techniques. Once you are dedicated, meditation can help you get rid of all the destructions in your life.