Coconut oil is one of the longest surviving oils that have ever existed. From those days when our mothers used it to shine ebony, to the time of today, where it is processed and packaged beautifully, the essence of this tropical gift can not be underestimated.

This beauty treat-all and help-mate, which is extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts comes with a sweet smell, long shelf life and has many health and skin benefits.

Here is what it does;

It works as an excellent skin moisturizer

This natural oil is without a doubt, the best moisturizer there is as it melts into your skin, going into your skin pores as soon as you apply it; moisturizing deeply and thoroughly. And the amazing thing is that, it works for both oily and dry skin.

Your ideal makeup remover

We all know the importance of getting off your makeup so as to let your skin breath, this oil, takes off all the makeup on your soft face effortlessly. It is an excellent grease cutter and can effectively cut through whatever layers of makeup you have on.

The best lip balm

With just a drop, this coconut oil can make chapped lips a thing of the past, offering you excellent lips which are soothing and free from cracks.

An ideal face deep cleanser

Due to the fact that our faces are exposed to a lot more than the rest of our bodies, it is important to deep cleanse at least, from time to time. Coconut oil works wonders in the sense that it is a gentle, yet a thorough cleanser.

An anti aging formula

Coconut oil helps prevent premature aging with the treatment it gives to the skin such as exfoliating and moisturizing without abrading the skin.

Weakens wrinkles

Due to the fact that the oil can seep into the skin, the triglycerides in the oil attracts protein molecules, ensuring timely repair of the protein in the inner layers of the skin, leaving it smooth and wrinkle free. 

Insect repellent

Having coconut oil as base for your insect repellent herbs work better. It is quite simple, coconut oil a day, keep insects away! (including mosquitoes)

A cleaner for makeup brushes

For the sake of our faces and hygiene, we all know how important it is to have clean makeup brushes, using coconut oil to do this, gives you a better result.

Massage oil

Coconut oil serves as a good massage oil because it relaxes and soothes the bones.

Hair conditioner

Applying coconut oil in your hair, especially at night, deep conditions your hair and prevents hair loss and hydrates dry hair.

Promotes eye lash growth

The presence of many fatty acids found in coconut oil, makes for an excellent base that helps to stimulate growth and lead to longer lashes.