You might find it difficult to argue with people who have strong beliefs that climate change isn’t real. They will insist on their ideas even with false narratives. You must keep the conversation going and make them realize that there’s a need to take action now. When arguing with these people, these are the things you need to avoid.

Personal attacks

You can’t make the conversation about individual differences. Stick to the topic. If the battle becomes too personal, it will be counterproductive. You will be emotional, and so will the person you’re talking to. You won’t accomplish anything if you can’t control how you feel. Relax and gather your thoughts without letting your emotions get in the way. 

Insulting the other person’s views

It’s easy for you to say that not believing in climate change is funny and unacceptable considering the facts, but some people still have a set of beliefs. You can’t degrade them or say that their views are unacceptable. Everyone has a right to believe anything they want, regardless of the issue. If you want to make the conversation meaningful, you can’t laugh at the person for their views. 

Get into a screaming match 

You can’t let yourself get too emotional and scream at the person you’re arguing with. Just because you scream doesn’t mean you’re right. You will also look desperate if you do so. Be confident about what you’re saying. You have to sound tough, but never scream. Allow the other person to scream and get enraged. You know it’s not going to win anything.

Give up 

Regardless of what the other person is saying, you can never give up. It’s easy for you to give up, especially when you hear conspiracy theories while you’re presenting the facts. Make sure you remain focused on your arguments. If you get exhausted, pause for a while before you speak again. Always go back to the roots of your argument and the factual basis in which it is anchored. It’s easy for you to keep your cool when you know you’re on the side of the truth.

Don’t just say your views

You also have to show that you’re sincere in your efforts. You might argue with people who don’t believe in climate change, so make sure you start at home by doing correct practices. Recycle plastic and other recyclable materials. Dispose of your trash correctly. Partner with Evergreen Junk Removal to ensure your waste materials go to the right areas. In case the other person attacks your credibility, you can show that you’re sincere in your efforts. 

You want to get your message across not because you want to prove your arguing skills, but because you understand the seriousness of the situation. Please don’t give up on people with strong opposing convictions because you know that it’s essential to protect the environment. You can’t win all of their hearts, but you can change one person’s views. Take it one step at a time.