When you find your first house, it can be a really exciting experience to check around your house and see the sort of rooms that you are dealing with. Unfortunately, we can’t all be millionaires and buy houses that come with an excess of space. But, we can help you out by letting you know a few tips and tricks to make sure that your bedroom feels extremely roomy. By the time you’re done with this list, you will love spending time in your bedroom, so much so that your friends and loved ones might find it difficult to drag you out!

Windows and Curtains

Everyone knows that sunlight is the key to making a room seem larger than it may initially appear. If you have painted your bedroom a light shade, then it will reflect the light and brighten up the entire area. So make sure that you keep your curtains pulled back to ensure that your room receives the lighting it deserves. Better yet, install some blinds or lace curtains to ensure that even when your curtains are drawn, you can still get a little light that is filtered into the bedroom. This will instantly make your room feel bigger.

Clean up your mess

Okay, so let’s say that you’ve just managed to snag a date with one of the best escorts available in Chingford. But once you bring her into your house, she is shocked by the state its in. If there’s clutter everywhere, well then, it’s time to clean it up! By just organising your things, maybe giving some away or putting them into storage, you can naturally open up the room. It also means you can get to your room without tripping over any unwanted objects in your way. Make sure to keep your room nice and tidy if you do genuinely want some more space.

Secret Spaces

Looking for a perfect place to put your storage? Well, the answer may be right under your feet…if you’re sitting on your bed anyway. A handy trick to getting rid of clutter, and adding a new degree of space to your bedroom, is by having boxes that you can place under your bed that contain your stuff. Some people, in university, may take this to the extreme if they’re looking to keep food away from their sneaky housemates, but you can use it to just store away clutter. When you hide all of your stuff under your bed, not only will this make it easier to find in the future, but it means that you can open up your room and give yourself more space.

Storage Headboards

Another sneaky way you can tidy your clutter is by incorporating shelves into your bed’s headboard. Now, this is a bit more of a modern idea, but if your headboard contains drawers and shelves in it, you can store all sorts of trinkets and household objects that you can keep safe until you need them. This will save you buying some boxes to put under your bed, and can give your room a brand new chic look about it. It will also be helpful if you are dozing on your bed and need to grab something. That something will be in arms reach, meaning that you don’t need to be disturbed and can keep on relaxing.

Warm walls

Darker shades tend to absorb light easily, which is why we tend to avoid using them on a bedroom’s walls, as this can make the room look much smaller. The best way to use colour to add some space to your room is by sticking simple. Try to avoid using overly cluttered patterns. These can fill up your room and make it feel a little claustrophobic. Instead, try sticking to simple and elegant pastels and warm colours that can create a warm and inviting environment. You can then top it off by adding some candles, diffusers and trinkets to give it a sense of individualism.


You must pick out a rug that can add to space to your room, rather than have it take it away. If you pick a rug that is too big, this will reduce the size of your room, but if you have a small rug then this may make your room appear unwelcoming. Try and find a medium-sized rug (you can do this by measuring up your room) that you can place in the centre. Make sure that you do not have the rug touching any sort of furniture in your room, as this can lead to a sense of crowding and make it appear smaller. 

The best rugs are white and fluffy as these can reflect light and make the room appear cosy rather than stuffy.

Foldaway Desks

Honestly, whether you are a university student or a young professional, having a desk is like having a life raft. You can personalise it and have it as the perfect place to go if you need to be productive. However, if you are worried that your room may be too small for a desk, there is a solution. A foldaway desk can be easily attached to your way and can be pulled out in your time of need. This means that your room can retain its space and you still have somewhere to go if you need to study. It’s perfect for people who want a multi-faceted bedroom! Some of these desks even have a chalkboard on the outside to make notes or leave reminders. 

Are you ready for a bigger bedroom?

You are going to spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so why not make it into a place of paradise? Bigger does not always mean better, but you still deserve to feel like you’re in a place you can unwind. No one likes feeling that their bedroom has become a tiny prison. Instead, it deserves to be opened up so that you can chill out from a hard day’s work. How are you going to make your bedroom look bigger? Let us know below!