The Austrian capital Vienna is one of the world’s most popular destinations. It’s an entirely charming city with an enormous number of amazing things to see, which means there are as many reasons for visiting it. What’s great is that it’s a really well connected city, especially by air, so getting to and from the Vienna airport is a very easy and straightforward affair.

Music is in Vienna’s blood

One of the things Vienna is most famous for is music. For centuries now, musical perfection has been something many musicians living in Vienna have strived for. Which is why some of the world’s most talented, famous, and capable musicians like Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms had made Vienna their home. The musical scene is still one that’s very much in full swing, with every genre being represented to its fullest, with jazz currently going through a renaissance phase.

It has some of the world’s most amazing architecture

Vienna used to be an imperial capital for a very long time. This means that numerous kings, dukes, and emperors had made this city their home, and built a large number of buildings suited for nobles of their stature. Austrian architecture is quite renowned world-wide, but Vienna takes the cake for that. With buildings like the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Schoenbrunn Palace, Belvedere, the Rathaus, and many more, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the architecture.

It’s the home of exquisite art

Besides being a cultural capital of sorts, Vienna is also one of the world’s leading art capitals. If you’re looking for a place that houses magnificent art pieces in large quantities, then Vienna is the place to go. The entire city is loaded with numerous art galleries that display art from different time periods, including contemporary art. The Belvedere Palaces is one of the most known galleries, with very expansive exhibits from artists like Klimt. It’s an entirely surreal experience, one which follows you at every gallery that you visit.

World-class cuisine

Vienna has a long history with fantastic food. Ever since its imperial days it was a culinary hub where chefs of the highest quality tried to prove their mettle by crafting the most delicious meals in existence. Since then the city’s grown exponentially, but still continued with its fine dining roots. Place like the Salonplafond have such a refined ambiance and superb quality of dishes that it’s a shame to skip out on it.

Shopping possibilities like no other

One thing that surprises a lot of people to discover about Vienna is the fantastic opportunity for shopping. On its streets you can find all sorts of shops – from outlets, to large malls, to medium sized fashion boutiques, and every choice is perfectly valid and excellent. And it’s not just about clothes too. Anything you could ever think off you can easily find in Vienna, and it’s almost always reasonably priced.

Visiting Vienna is always a treat. It’s one of those cities that definitely sticks with you long after you’ve left, so everybody should experience this wonderful city at least once.