According to marketing experts, millennials have embraced the use of saving apps for many years. Economists point out that about 96 percent of people born between 1980–2000 actively use coupons. Therefore, it is safe to say that couponing cannot be looked over regarding budgeting and saving. Couponing is important especially in today’s economy when the cost of many products is higher than ever, and incomes are relatively the same or lower.

Here are 4 budgeting tricks you can apply when using couponing as a budgeting plan;

  1. Learn more about couponing

For anything to work in your favor, you have to learn how it works. Couponing is an art that can help you save a fortune. Most people don’t know that you can use a lot of coupons at the same time even if they are identical. One coupon per purchase means that for one item, you use one coupon and not two 50-cent coupons on one item. Some coupons can get you something for free by buying something else. Also, look out for rare coupons and Catalinas since it’s the name often printed in your receipts.

  1. Where to get the coupons for free

Sometimes coupons are printed in magazines, Sunday paper among other publications. To get coupons for free, one can talk to family members who have no use for their inserts. You can also talk to the newspaper delivery person to give you the extra papers. Get inserts from free local papers, and if you are actually crazy enough about couponing, you can also try dumpster diving. Manufacturers also do offer coupons directly to consumers.

  1. Remember what’s important.

Falling into the trap of sales is easy. Don’t clip coupons just because they have 50% off on them. If you don’t use the product or find it interesting enough to try it, don’t keep the coupon. Consider what you can’t do without in your household. Groceries, baby essentials, toiletries are some of the things that you should consider.

  1. Use coupons when there is a sale

It isn’t enough to just use coupons; you have to be smart about it. If a coupon is giving 20% off on an item and the store is giving a buy-2-get-1 free offer, it’s safe to assume that you will be saving more when you buy at this time. The trick here is to wait till the time is right to buy. Remember to check the expiry date to safeguard your investment.

  1. Join the digital bandwagon

With this age of technology, it’s always better to use it sufficiently. There are grocery saving apps in the market that allow you to get your money back by scanning your receipt. You can also print coupons from the internet in sites like deal2save, the Krazy coupon lady among others. These apps can also help you compare deals from on store to the other.


Many people are usually scared of how couponing would make them look. Saving is significant for everyone, and the use of coupons have proven to be very effective. If you make a budget that you want to stick by, collecting and using coupons can help you accomplish your goals. Don’t feel bad about using coupons in a store even if you think the cashier might get angry. They get reimbursed by the manufacturers for the price of the item. If the manufacturers want you to save, who are you not to take the advantage?