The Betting Industry is one of a few industries that continues to grow exponentially each year. Recent reports by industry experts show that the industry grows 2-3 folds annually in developing countries. In 2019, it seems as though online betting is everywhere. And it is for the following reasons:

1. Easy Access 

Before now, gambling was exclusively at casinos, secret backrooms, and privately-held parties. If anyone needed to participate, they had to visit any of these locations. People had to spend money traveling, some across the world to cities like Vegas just to experience the thrill. Today, all that has changed. Players can experience the same thrill from the comfort of their home. There are thousands of online betting sites and apps available to anyone with an internet and a smart phone.

2. Cheaper 

With easy access to online betting comes cheaper offerings. Before now, players had to pay hefty sums to join in on a game. All that has changed with online betting. In other to attract new players with lower incomes and keep them playing, betting sites offer various types of bonuses. Most of these bonuses are very generous and attractive like those offered by Betsson, a leading world-class betting company. 

  • Welcome Bonuses – a bonus for signing up. Betsson signup bonuses are valued from €75 for sports bets up to €2000 for poker bets.
  • No Deposit Bonus – allows new players to try out the platform for free without risking their own money. 
  • Reload Bonus – a reward system for reloading your account and making new deposits. 
  • Deposit Protection with Refund Opportunity – a special kind of bonus that allows you to get a refund on some select bets. For example if you lose your first bet you get refunded. This is also another form risk-free betting to get new players.
  • Gain More Experience with Promos – another reward system. The more you play, the more your chances of getting more promo bonuses. The more your bonuses, the more you play and get more experience. The better you become. This is a win-win for everyone.

3. Responsible Gambling 

There are strict laws surrounding gambling. Gambling authorities ensure that all companies adhere to strict rules and not encourage addiction. In fact, in some countries, online applications monitor player behaviors for any signs of addiction. Players who exhibit addiction signs are flagged and provided with helpline numbers to call. 

4. Digital Marketing

Modern advertising has gone digital. Many businesses use social media and other online platforms as their marketing strategy to target a large portion of youths. And it works. Target marketing has been proven to be much more effective and cheaper to than traditional means of TV, billboards, and newspaper ads. 


Online betting has made it possible for anyone to get in on the action. It accommodates people with different betting interests. Sports enthusiast can now bet on any sport, unlike before when it was just on horse racing. Other bets include casino, bingo, poker, and many more. Whether you are a new player or experienced, you can have fun betting responsibly online with little to no funds and stand a chance to win big.